A lot has happened in such a short time. Take a look:

Current Investments

My preferred way to make a million dollars at the moment: online private label brands

Home and Kitchen Private Label Brand

Established 2016

Children's and Office Private Label Brand​
Established 2016

Passive investor in 8 apartments totaling 1500+ units

Past Investments

4 Unit Rental Property

Purchased in November 2014 -$401K

(-$110K out of pocket w/ conventional)

Sold in October 2017 +$675K

= My first experience with passive income, but not really. 

Single Family Home

Purchased in January 2013 -$180K

(-$10K out of pocket w/ FHA)

Sold in March 2017 +300K

= My first $100K+ payday. I learned that while you can make money on your primary home, it is not an investment.  

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