The Million Dollar Payday

In late 2014, I met my business partner who was already successfully building a private label brand on Amazon. A light bulb went off when I heard him say "I was working 40 hours a week making a fraction of what my 4-hour-a-week business earned."

GOAL: $25K in, $3.4MM out

The plan was simple. I provide the money. My partner provides the game plan. Together we execute. The only requirements I had were:

"I want a million dollar payday (after tax) when we sell this in 3 years and I don't want us to work anymore than 4 hours a week on this."

Established: April 2016
Initial Investment: $25,000

Amazon Sales from 5/21/2016 - 5/21/2018

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2017 Profit and Loss for Amazon Sales

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